About Us

EMTECH HAM Radio Products, Antenna Insulators, QRP gear and more.

Emtech started in the 70's. Roy Gregson W6EMT had several projects and products including a Linear Amp for CB radio he was working on in conjunction with a major manufacturer. That is when Roy W6 (EMT) started EMT + Tech --> EMTECH.

Roy's passion for Amateur Radio and especially CW and QRP led him to eventually package several of his favorite projects into salable products. Of note are the ZM-2 QRP Antenna tuner and the Ladder Grabber antenna insulator. Upon Roy's death Emtech ceased to exist. After much encouragement and the efforts of Suzi, Roy's oldest daughter, the family was able to resurrect the business.

Emtech continues today with the inspiration and passion passed down from Roy's love of HAM Radio.